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198,035 USD
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Global blockchain solution for coordination, administration and payments of healthcare.
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Consenso de Ethereum
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Producto completamente funcional
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6 months
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Pradeep Goel
Vadym Vorobiov
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13 miembro, 2 desarrolladores
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MoneyGram Reveals Real-Time Remittance Tech, Based on Visa not Ripple
Remittances giant MoneyGram announced a new service allowing real-time money sending, but the solutions of its blockchain partner Ripple are not involved.
Facebook and Calibra's David Marcus: The Problem of Global Unbanked Is "Unacceptable"
At the World Economic Forum panel discussing digital currencies, the conversation topics included Central Bank Digital Currencies.
What is Proof of Work?
If you're already feeling lost, don't worry - this is technical stuff, and you're not alone if it's going over your head. That's why we're going to explain what you need to know about proof of work.
Founder of Payments Network Zelle Joins Stellar-Focused Startup as CEO
Stellar-focused crypto development company Interstellar appointed the founder of digital payments network Zelle Mike Kennedy as its new CEO. On Sept. 12, the company announced the appointment in a Medium blog post.
Is ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency even possible?
As a result, members of the mining community find themselves in a figurative arms race to run the biggest, baddest mining rigs they can.
US Senator: 'I Don't Think You've Persuaded Anyone' Crypto Creates Financial Inclusion
Blockchains are all and well and good, but they won't be enough to bring financial services to the underbanked and unbanked.
Bank of English Governor on Libra as a Solution to Financial Problems
Bank of England governor Mark Carney said that people need to acknowledge the issues Facebook is attempting to solve with Libra, regardless of the project's potential downsides.
Australia's Central Bank: Cryptos Will Not Receive Wide Acceptance in the Near Future
Cryptocurrencies will not receive wide use in Australia as long as the local financial system is efficiently working, the Reserve Bank of Australia stated in an official document issued on June 20.
Global Pharma Giant Develops DLT-Based Care Network for Diabetes Patients
Leading pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim has teamed up with blockchain-based healthcare platform Solve.
Major US Health IT Provider HMS Partners With Blockchain Startup Solve.Care
Major health information technology provider for the United States government, HMS Technologies Inc. has partnered with blockchain startup Solve.