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18,220,689,000 USD
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7,486,382,996 USD
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108,262,479 ETH
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108,262,479 ETH
Resumen de Ethereum
Ethereum es una plataforma open source, descentralizada que permite la creación de acuerdos de contratos inteligentes entre pares, basada en el modelo blockchain.​ Cualquier desarrollador puede crear y publicar aplicaciones distribuidas que realicen contratos inteligentes. Ethereum también provee una ficha de criptomoneda que se llama 'ether'. Se puede intercambiar ether entre cuentas diferentes y también es utilizado para compensar los nodos participantes por los cálculos realizados.
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Consenso de Ethereum
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Producto completamente funcional
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51 months
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Vitalik Buterin
Jeffrey Wilcke
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2 miembro, 0 desarrolladores
Ethereum Noticias
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Ethereum plummets 6% after bitcoin falls overnight: what's causing the drop?
The Ethereum price has dropped by nearly six percent within a 12-hour span following Bitcoin's overnight three percent slip from $8,200 to $7,960.
NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie in talks with NBA to securitize his talent and launch STO on Ethereum
Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie is creating a revenue-sharing platform allowing professional sports players to tokenize themselves as debt securities, starting with an offering of his own Ethereum-based "Professional Athlete Investment Tokens" as early as this week, ESPN reported.
Opera Browser announces TRON wallet integration
Wherever you look, cryptocurrency usability is continually improving, something that was again evident this week when desktop and mobile browsing app, Opera, announced that it will directly integrate with TRON's wallet.
CFTC Chair Says Ether Futures 'Likely' in 2020
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Heath Tarbert believes the crypto world will see ethereum futures contracts sometime in 2020.
WATCH: UNICEF's Crypto Fund Plans to Pay for Internet in Public Schools
Plans are in place to allow non-profit UNICEF to use cryptocurrencies donated by the Ethereum Foundation and other organizations to fund internet connectivity in public schools around the world.
Price Analysis 21/10: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XLM, TRX
If the bulls can push the price above the moving averages, a rally to the top of the range at $196.483 is possible.
Investor: Ethereum fundamentals are strong despite 88% drop from ATH
The Ethereum price has dropped by 88 percent from its record high at $1,448, showing a sluggish price trend year-to-date.
Ethereum Name Service Adds Multicoin Support
Distributed naming system Ethereum Name Service has announced the launch of multicoin support as 15 cryptocurrency wallets already plan to utilize the new feature.
As Bitcoin price nears 50% drop, analyst foresees deeper correction for Ethereum
Since achieving $13,920 at the yearly peak, the Bitcoin price is nearing a 50 percent drop and according to a technical analyst, it could mean a larger correction for Ethereum.
Price Analysis 18/10: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XLM, LEO
The bulls are struggling to sustain the price above $0.29227.