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BlackRock, Vanguard, Indirectly Hold Bitcoin Via MicroStrategy Investment
Earlier this week Bitcoin bulls and crypto investors were thrilled by the news that MicroStrategy, a Nasdaq-listed business intelligence company worth $1.2 billion, had formally adopted Bitcoin as its primary reserve asset by purchasing 21,454 BTC.This led the majority of top crypto analysts and industry folk to post uber-bullish statements on Twitter and for many this confirmed their belief that Bitcoin is in the early stages of a bull market.
'Invest In Bitcoin' Galaxy Digital Ad Tells Financial Times Readers
Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital is following in Grayscale Investments' footsteps by releasing an ad for cryptocurrency to the general public, this time using print media.
How One Line of Code Destroyed Yam DeFi
The now notorious project, Yam.Finance, was launched without a proper code audit just like many other projects in the space.
SEC Charges ICO Operator for Misrepresenting His Platform's Technology
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, publicized legal action against another 2017 Initial Coin Offering, or ICO. Boon.Tech and Rajesh Pavithran, the project's CEO, face fraud accusations from the commission, as well charges associated with securities registration, an Aug. 13 statement from the SEC detailed.
Official 'Doctor Who' Merchandise Is Coming to the Blockchain
Listen to article BBC Studios has officially entered the blockchain gaming space after partnering with Reality Gaming Group to develop a digital trading game for the popular TV series, Doctor Who.
Barstool's Dave Portnoy Hosts Winklevoss Twins For BTC Talk
Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy, posted a video of his meeting with Gemini exchange founders, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, on Twitter.
Abra CEO Explains Why It's Bitcoin's Time to Shine
The U.S. government's attempts to fix the current economic situation could ultimately lead to greater Bitcoin adoption, according to Bill Barhydt, CEO of crypto wallet and exchange solution, Abra.
Crypto exchanges are rushing to list Aragon, but what is it?
Three major crypto exchanges listed Aragon's ANT tokens yesterday, causing an immediate price bump and frantic Google searches for what the protocol does.
Why Santander Doesn't Want to Use Ripple for International Payments Yet
There may be trouble in paradise with one of Ripple's major partners.
Ross Ulbricht Uses Snail Mail to Send Correction for Blog Post on MakerDAO
Ross Ulbricht, the founder of SilkRoad, has issued a short follow-up to his essay on MakerDAO and how it could be redesigned and improved.
Learn to Profit From Bitcoin's Growing Correlation With Traditional Assets
Veteran crypto traders Scott Melker and Michaël van de Poppe will be discussing Bitcoin's different types of correlation with traditional assets and how to best profit from them.
This Ransomware Comes With Its Own Affiliate Program
Avaddon, a new ransomware-as-a-service, or RaaS, protocol, is the latest to jump on the crypto extortion bandwagon.
US DoJ Seizes Millions in Crypto Funds From Al-Qaeda and ISIS Networks
Justice Department announces the largest ever seizure of terrorist-bound crypto assets today in Washington, DC. 263 Total views.
Interest in Grayscale Crypto Products Not Easing Up, Not Just BTC Now
Grayscale Investments, the largest digital asset management firm in the world, has been showing exponential increases in investment to its cryptocurrency products.
Figuring Out Who's to Blame for DeFi's Persistent Security Issues
Is Ethereum to blame?Evidently, the Achilles heel of DeFi projects is bugs and vulnerabilities in the smart contract codes, but what or who exactly to blame for this? Is it the DeFi developers who don't properly test or audit code before launching their apps, or does the fault lie with Ethereum's architecture, meaning that little depends on platforms?
Japan's Top HR Firm Is Working on a Blockchain-Based Recruitment App
Listen to article Persol Group, one of the largest human resource companies in Japan, has partnered with major Japanese IT and electronics company, NEC Corporation, to build a new blockchain-powered recruiting platform.
ETH Transaction Fees Hit All-Time High Second Day in a Row
Ethereum has been going skyhigh in more ways than one.
Forget YAM, Ethereum DeFi's hottest new craze is Based-literally
Early on the morning of Aug. 12, a number of DeFi power users and crypto traders began using the word "Based" incessantly, almost to the point of lunacy.
Crypto VC Firm Assesses the 'State of Blockchain Governance'
Looked at another way, it's really a governance boom.
Journeys in Blockchain: Robert Wiecko of DASH Core Group
Robert Wiecko is getting back into playing electric guitar.
MyEtherWallet Latest to Enter DeFi Arena With Integration on Aave and Ren
Ethereum's oldest user-friendly wallet is staking territory in DeFi.
Craig Wright Apparently in No Hurry to Pay $60K for Failed Suit
According to the Norwegian Hodlnaut, it seems that Wright is ignoring his legal obligations following a failed legal battle.
Bitcoin Echoing 2017 Bull Run as Report Says Buyers Entered at $10K
Bitcoin is repeating the bull run that sent it to $20,000, chart data shows as a new report says $10,000 was an "Entry point" for investors.
Understanding Directed Acyclic Graphs in the Blockchain Landscape
The more time you spend in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, the more you encounter some fairly arcane technologies and their accompanying terminologies.
Ripple Aims to Become the Amazon of the Cryptocurrency World
Ripple is working to explore new use cases for its blockchain network.
YAM Token Holders 'Burnt the Hardest' After Price Plunges to Zero
Yam Finance, an experiential Decentralized Finance protocol, saw its market cap crash down to zero within minutes on Aug. 13.
How to stake ADA from your Cardano Yoroi wallet
Staking Cardano from Yoroi is an easy and straightforward process, very similar to staking your funds from Daedalus.
Ireland Will Transpose Latest EU Anti-Money Laundering Rules Into National Law
Cryptocurrency firms in Ireland will soon be regulated in line with the latest European legal framework for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.
New Bill in Germany Proposes to Digitize Securities With Blockchain
The arrival of digitized securities is one of the core aspects of the federal government's blockchain strategy, German authorities say.
Rebase Bug Permanently Breaks Yam Governance
Listen to article A bug in the hastily-developed contracts for Yam Finance resulted in the governance contracts being "Permanently broken" and $750,000 worth of Curve tokens being locked from use.