Coinbase Adds More Ethereum Cryptos: Golem, Maker, Zilliqa, Dai

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Today, Coinbase has added four new Ethereum ERC20 tokens to Coinbase Pro: Golem, Maker, Zilliqa, and Dai.

Coinbase announced in a blog post that the company is adding four new ERC20 tokens to its Coinbase Pro platform: Golem, Maker, Zilliqa, and Dai.

After over a year of conservative additions to its Pro platform, the company has recently added a handful of new ERC20 coins, along with plans to release over thirty more.

Coinbase Pro users got access to Civic, district0x, Loom Network, and Decentraland.

Coinbase does not support the native functions of many of these coins.

Users cannot conduct rendering using Golem beta, engage with global settlements through DAI, or engage in Maker governance.

Previously, the company has been cautious to add new coins.

The rapid addition of these new ERC20 tokens could expose the company to additional liability because of potential securities classification.

Another controversy is why Coinbase has chosen this particular order for token listings.

The expansion of Coinbase's coin offerings will allow enthusiasts to access a broader range of cryptocurrencies, adding liquidity to the market and possibly even sparking additional adoption.